How to Power Wash a Brick House

Brick has been a popular choice for generations of home builders for its rich, classic look.

But the inevitable dirt, grime and even moss can cause discoloration over time.

images (2)Luckily, pressure washing can restore brick to its former glory.

Watch the helpful video below and follow the six simple steps and your brick home will look new in no time.

Patch Mortar
The first thing you’ll need to do is patch any damaged mortar joints between bricks. This will prevent water from seeping behind the brick.

Don’t rush it. You’ll need to let the mortar sit for at least a week before you can pressure wash.

Wet the Brick
Thoroughly soak the surface of your home. It’s important to do this step prior to applying any detergents as it will prepare the brick for cleaning.

To ensure an even soaking, spray water from the bottom to the top of your house.

Apply Detergent
Make sure you choose a detergent designed for cleaning homes and brick. Now apply the detergent to the brick, spraying from the bottom up.

Allow it to work into the brick for 5-10 minutes. The key to cleaning brick is less pressure, more detergent.

Brush Tough Stains
For heavily soiled areas, use a rotary scrub brush. This is a less abrasive technique than using water at high pressure.brick pressure washing chicago

Once the detergent has sat and had time to work itself into the brick, switch to a delicate spray pattern. This is important so as not to damage the brick.

Unlike water application to wet the brick, spray from top to bottom to remove the detergent and residue.

Once the brick is clean, the last step is to apply an approved brick and mortar sealant.

Spray on the sealer and your brick house will look so good even Lionel Richie and The Commodores would approve.

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